Food for thought…What do you Love, and Who Do you Serve?

who do you serve

Often times we can get consumed with things that have no eternal value.  We enjoy them, and that is ok but the question is where does Jesus fit into your life?  If those things take precedence over Him, then consider the eternal outcome of them.  Ladies, we cannot love the world and serve God, if we think that we do then most likely we only have a lip service to God, not a commitment to Him.  We will cleave to one OR the other, but we cannot cleave to both. Don’t trust for a moment that your heart can be equally divided among heaven and earth, it cannot. When you serve one you will neglect the other.

As a mother of 4, my time must be divided.  I have a great routine, but as soon as I begin to spend too much time doing one task I begin to neglect the others, I get behind, and I hate attempting to catch back up.  Much so in our walks with the Lord, when we spend our time serving our flesh, our material desires, the things of this world, we begin to neglect our relationship with Jesus and often times we fall into a rut.  We must remember that our citizenship is in heaven.  

My friend Courtney wrote this……

Somewhere along the lines we have bought into the line that if you love someone everything will be roses. Maybe it’s all the fairy tales we read as children. Maybe it’s our own desire to escape pain. But every relationship from friends to family to spouses will at some point navigate rocky terrain. Just because someone loves you enough to tell you hard things does not mean they are against you. Quite the contrary actually. They could let you go on in your destructive habits. God’s love is so great that He will reach out to us again and again. He calls. He deals with your heart. But it is your choice to yield and come to Him.
Matthew 6:24 “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” Our hearts love so many things it is a discipline to have a heart that is solely devoted to God. So many things try to creep in and if we are not watchful there soon develops a struggle in our hearts for the throne of our life.

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