Food For Thought…What God Sees


“I the LORD search the heart” Jeremiah 17:10

I hate war movies, my husband LOVES them!  He teaches history class, and he loves to know about history.  He could tell you who was in every war, who won, how they won, the date that they won.  I barely know who was even involved in wars, and to be honest I really have no desire to know.  

When we have a free night and the kids are in bed (rare), if its early enough, we’ll watch a movie.  I always try to pick a romance, or a comedy.  But almost every time we end up watching a war movie! Exact opposite of what I have picked. So I watch it only because he wants me to, and most of the time I fall asleep during them.  But we watched one a couple nights ago, I acutally did stay awake, but not much to my surprise I hated the movie.  Now, dont get me wrong, I dont hate these movies in a disrespectful way to anyone that has fought in a war.  Rather, I hate them because it’s upsetting to see the lives that have been lost, the cruelty that one human being can have towards another while in POW camps.  In the particular movie that we watched, a Christian was in a prisoner of war camp and he was brutally beaten by a prison guard who was relentlessly vicious.  

It was such an upsetting movie.  It ended in freedom for this man who then went on to serve God, but it much reminded me of the story of Corrie Ten Boom who was tortured in a concentration camp.  In the end she too was free and forgave her accusers, but the pain that she must have felt is so upsetting to me.  The idea that people could treat eachother so badly, so unlovingly, so brutally is beyond my comprehension. 

I was telling my brother about this yesterday and how upsetting it is to see that people are capable of such evil.  He then said “imagine the things that God sees”.  These movies are just the things that we know about in history.  Imagine the lives that have been lost, children murdered, people tortured that we dont even know about.  It’s overwhelming for me to even think about it, yet God sees not only these outward atrocities, He sees the heart behind them.  

I get so angry during war movies, that I cant stand the thought of the enemy winning.  I cant stand the thought that this man was brutally beaten every day and there was nothing that anyone could do to help him.  I want justice to be served, I want those wicked people who tortured another to be punished.  But the heart of God is different.  He indeed is just, but it amazes me that God sees the hearts of mankind, yet He still chose to die for us.  He still loves us beyond what we can comprehend.  He did not come to destroy, but to fulfill.  He came to save the lost, the sinners, the wicked. He loves the wicked prison guard as much as He loves you and I, and He came to die for that prison guard’s sins just the same as He died for mine. 

 He knows the heart of every man, and often times we can assume that our hearts are not evil, that we are full of love, that we would never hurt another person.  God sees beyond the outward of our lives.  He sees what’s in your heart dear sisters.  He sees the love, the hate, the bitterness, and everything in between.  Yet He still loves us.  What an amazing God! Ask God today to show you the hidden things in your heart that He wants to change and make new.  We can’t hide them from Him, He sees them all. I pray that He would change our hearts today, make us more like Him, and give us a love for one another that only He can give.

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