Food for thought…Where does God rank in your life?

where does God rank 

As I was studying last week for our ladies Bible study in 2 Timothy, I stopped on verse 3 “as without ceasing, I remember you in my prayers day and night.”

I’ve always felt rather condemned at times when I feel like my prayer life is lacking.  Prayer is the area that is every christian’s goal, we all want a better prayer life, right? But, how could Paul pray without ceasing? Without ceasing means not stopping, constant.  How could Paul have had such a great prayer life?  Did he really spend every waking hour in his prayer closet?  Let’s be honest, that’s just not possible for us a mothers.  There is laundry to do, dinners to make, dishes to be washed.  How can God ask us to pray without ceasing as we have so many responsibilities and commitments hanging over our heads? 

I have felt defeated in my prayer life many times because I just dont measure up.  I am happy to sneak down the stairs for a half an hour of quiet time in the mornings before I hear those little feet coming down the stairs.  How can I be in my prayer closet constantly when so many other things are calling out my name? Here’s the thing ladies, God wants your heart.  To pray without ceasing is to acknowledge God’s constant presence in your life.  To realize that he is ever present in all of your circumstances, wherever you go.  Yes, of course we need to spend all the time that we can in our prayer closets interceding for one another as Paul did.  But to pray without ceasing means that it doesnt end there.  Often times we give God just a part of our day, our time, our lives.  God wants all of you, and He wants all of me.  Don’t throw up your prayers in the morning and put God on the back burner for the rest of the day.  Sometimes this becomes the norm in our lives because we are so consumed with, well…life! 

Would I like to say that God is my number one priority? Yes, I would love to say that, and I am sure you would also.  But our actions speak louder than that.  Often times we tell God how important He is all the while we have a bunch of other things that have outranked Him in our lives.  

I pray that we would be filled with His Holy Spirit and that God’s presence would completely overtake our lives.  That we would be in constant commune with Him.  I want God to consume me, my life, my thoughts, all that I am.  

Ladies, don’t just give Him bits and pieces of your life, give Him all of it.  Take Him off of the back burner and let Him be what He is worthy to be in your life…your beloved King. 

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