Food For Thought….Will You Receive A Reward?


“Take heed that you do not do your charitable deeds before men, to be seen by them.  Otherwise, you have no reward from your Father in heaven.”  Matthew 6:1

Often times I don’t think we take this scripture as seriously as we should.  It’s not so much the action that matters, but rather the motive behind the action.  God sees deep into our hearts and lives.  He knows the motives behind all that we do.  What we do, how we serve, what we give to God should never be done to receive the praise of men.  When our heart is pure, without motives, we don’t care who sees our deeds, we are blessed to do them in secret. 

A few weeks ago as my kids were getting ready for school, my son Jacob found $2 in the drawer.  It belonged to him, and he had been searching for it for days.  My husband was outside getting his truck started and bringing firewood inside.  My other son, Jude, asked if he could have one of the dollars.  I was getting my other boys dressed in another room, but I could hear their conversation.  My son Jacob is usually pretty generous so I was expecting that he would say yes.  He said “sure you can”.  I smiled. Then I heard him say “wait”.  I stopped what I was doing in the other room because I wondered what he would say next.  I was expecting him to say that Jude could have both the dollars because Jacob is always sweet and generous like that.  But instead I heard him say “give me that back, and let me give it to you again when daddy comes inside so that he can see me give it to you.”  I was shocked that someone his age would even think like that.  I explained to him that his giving should be with no expectations, no motives, and it should be out of love.

Why did my son do this? Because he wanted praise. He wanted to be acknowledged. Often times we fall into that trap as believers.   We allow our giving to be known by men, and we allow our service to God to be known by men.  

I know a married couple from church who serves God with no motives.  You can see the pureness of their hearts.  Why?  Because when no one is around, they take out the garbage at church, they come and clean up, they do small things that no one else knows or sees.  I have stopped at church a few times in the evenings to grab something that I forgot, and I have seen them there serving.  That is a heart that God rewards, that is a heart that God can use!

Remember that the Word tells us that all of our works will be tried by fire.  Those that were founded upon God and our love for Him will remain and be rewarded.  Those that are not founded upon Him shall be burned up and that man shall suffer great loss.  I dont want to suffer great loss, and I am sure that you dont either.  Ask God to show you the motives of your heart.  Our hearts deceive us, but God is faithful and just.  Your service to God should stem from a love for Him that cultivates a desire to give to, love, and serve others. 

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