Food for thought….Willing to Put Others First

putting others first

Recently, I have seen this article all over the news, facebook, twitter about a Christian woman, Veronica Partridge, who has vowed to stop wearing leggings in public because it could cause a man to stumble.  She based this decision on talking to her husband, and another Christian man, who both said that it is distracting when women wear clothes that accentuate their bodies.  After prayfully considering it, she felt that God was telling her to stop wearing them.

Her blog post, created a firestorm on Social Media where 72,000 people shared her post on Facebook.  People shared this woman’s article on Facebook expecting to get other people’s responses and opinions of this.  The responses people gave were vicious. 

So often, we can take instances like these and justify whether they are right or wrong.  Look at the responses from Veronica’s post….they are filled with people from both sides giving their opinion of whether they think leggings are right or wrong.  But the notion that we are missing here is this….

“Therefore, if what I eat causes my brother or sister to fall into sin, I will never eat meat again, so that I will not cause them to fall.” 1 Corinthians 8:13. 

Not long ago, a woman called me and was upset because someone told her that an outfit that she was wearing was inappropriate for church and that because she was sitting in the front of church, it was a distraction throughout the church service.  This dear sister began to tell me that her outfit was not inappropriate and she was going to continue to wear it because she didnt see any problem with it.   

You see, we get caught up in trying to justify or condemn things like leggings, things that the Bible is not 100% specific to rule out.  Yes, it sure would be easier if the Bible said, don’t wear skin tight pants, they might cause men to stumble. But it does not, so therefore instead of going ahead and following the example that Paul portrayed in the scripture, we would rather incline ourselves to keep the power in our own hands to warrant these things.  

Paul was saying, “hey look, if it might stumble someone, don’t do it.”  It’s that simple. Veronica Partridge was told that it could cause someone to fall, so she willingly decided not to do it.  Thank you Veronica, for following what Jesus teaches, for putting what you want second, and putting the spiritual well being of someone else first….just as we are called to do.  I commend her not for her view on leggings, that is irrelevant to the point that I am making, and I don’t think that it was the point she was trying to make either. But rather, I commend on her willingness to do what the Bible calls us to do. 

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