Food for thought….YOU follow ME.


John 21:21…

John was following behind, and Peter turned and looked at him and then said to Jesus “But Lord, what about this man?” Jesus responded by saying “If I will that he remains till I come, what is that to you? You follow Me.”

So often we need to hear that don’t we? We need to hear Him say “what is that to you? YOU FOLLOW ME”  We like to poke our noses in other peoples affairs and we like to have an opinion about their affairs.   Needless to say, Peter must have forgotten his own faults from a few days prior when he denied Jesus.  Here is my point…..why do we look at other peoples faults, get involved with things in their lives that are not our business, have opinions about things that we ought not to have….yet we forget about our own faults, shortcomings, and failures?

Let’s all admit it, there are times that you want to remind the Lord of what someone has done to betray you, what someone is doing that is not right. It’s easy to point those things out in others, its easy to have an opinion of what others should be doing, but that causes us to take our eyes off of our King.

Jesus bids Peter to follow Him.  That should be our hearts desire, to follow our Shepherd. With all zeal, humility, love, and meekness.  What is God calling you to? That needs to be what you focus on.  Let’s purpose to focus on our callings as mothers, wives, and daughters of the Most High.




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