Food for Thought…What do you Fear?



Guest Post by Gail B.  


Is there anything that you are afraid of? I can honestly say that not much scares me, but I absolutely hate mice and so does my daughter Steph.   This summer Steph bought a townhouse in Canandaigua. The townhouse is next to a golf course. When the fall came, she had an uninvited guest in her townhouse. It was a mouse. When Steph saw that mouse, she jumped on her kitchen counter and called her sister, Amy. Now, Amy is not scared of mice. For an hour and a half, Amy and her boyfriend, Rob gave suggestions on how to get rid of the mouse. I liked Rob’s suggestion the best. He is a golf pro, so he told her to grab a five iron and “wack” it. The next thing Amy tried to do was get Steph off the counter. We all know that a mouse is a tiny creature and probably more scared of us that we are of them.   I would agree with that unless you were Steph. She was definitely more scared of the mouse. Amy told her that she would count to three and Steph was to jump off the counter. Well, Amy counted to three and asked Steph if she had jumped. Steph said “No!” Eventually Steph did come off the counter and quickly ran upstairs to her bedroom. She did not sleep well that night. The next morning she came downstairs. She walked across her couch onto the kitchen counter. Then she jumped onto the floor and ran out of her townhouse. She went to the store for some mouse traps. She bought seven mouse traps. I thought that was overkill, but ok. She called her dad and asked him how to set the traps. He told her to bait the traps with peanut butter. She did that. The next morning she saw that one of the traps went off and the mouse had ate the peanut butter but she did not catch the mouse. This went on for several days. Each time, she did not catch the mouse. Finally after a week, Steph did catch the mouse. She took a shovel and discard the mouse in the dumpster. Steph was relieved. No more mouse in her townhouse.

I wished I could say that Steph does not fear mice anymore, but she does. In fact, just a few weeks ago she saw another mouse. This time the mouse was upstairs in her second bedroom radiator vent.   She wanted to call an exterminator.   We talked her out of doing that. Instead, she set her seven mouse traps with peanut butter. The second night she heard the trap go off. She looked and saw that she had caught the mouse in the trap. She went back to bed relieved. She would take care of the mouse in the morning. However, in the morning, she looked and the mouse was gone. He had escaped from the trap. YIKES.

It wasn’t long after that when Steph got the courage to go back into the second bedroom and check to see if there was still evidence of a mouse. She looked into the vent and there was a mouse was in the vent. She could not believe it. She did a double take. Wait a minute. Upon closer examination, she looked into the heating vent and realized that it was not a mouse. It was a big ball of dust.

As hilarious as this is, I think we all have fears and we all need to know how to handle our fears. Isaiah 41:10 statesSo do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. “

Whatever it is that you are afraid of, just remember Isaiah 41:10. First off, God tells us not to fear because He is ALWAYS with us. He is our protector. Don’t be alarmed. In fact remain calm. God’s got this. He will handle all our fears. Through it all, he will give us strength to bear the fear, help us with the fear, and enable us to bear the fear. God is faithful to us.

Guess what I got Steph for Christmas? I got her the old movie “Mouse Hunt.” It is a comedy about two men trying to get rid a mouse in the house.





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