Gift Idea, here’s my plan….

I found a crochet pattern for these super cute market bags, I found the FREE pattern here–> Lion Brand Yard Market Bag

and used yarn that I had at home.  I made this bag:


My friend inspired me because she made a variation of the same bag (I happen to like hers better than mine)


Anyway, so I made the bag (free) and I worked on it in the car for a couple days as I was riding with a friend, then finished it last night.  It was a simple pattern so it went really quickly.
Then I purchased the $5.99 magazine subscription that I shared with you yesterday.  I bought a Country living magazine to slip into the market bag since her subscription won’t be here for a few weeks. (Sara has a good subscription deal that she just posted )….The final result= a super cheap Mother’s Day(or teacher) gift that is homemade, practical, and inexpensive.

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