Happy Sunday! AND…HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mommas out there.  There is no greater job than being a mommy! I still often stop during the day and have to pinch myself because I’m not sure how I got here.  I have 4 crazy boys.  Sometimes it seems like a dream….once in a while a nightmare 🙂 Just joking, I love these little bugs more than anything, and I am so blessed to be their momma.

So to all your moms who give your life to changing diapers, making meals, doing laundry, fixing scraped knees, and fretting over your kids, TODAY IS YOUR DAY! Yes it’s your day to live like there is no laundry, no dishes in the sink, no diapers to change.  Today is your day to run free! Yea, Right!  BUT.. today is the day to celebrate you, and to thank God that He blessed you and made you a momma.

Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs that we will ever have to do.  It’s the most rewarding job that you’ll ever have. There are days of joy, tears, pain, happiness, patience, impatience and everything in between.  Most of what we do as mom’s is never found in the job description when we become a parent, but by God’s grace He equips us to train up these little ones.

Ill tell you a funny mom story…….well, honestly with 4 boys I feel like I could write a book about crazy stories, most of which happened this week.  I’m daily adding new stories to my craziest list.  But here is one that you’ll love…… When my one son was 4 and my other son was 3, they became the dynamic duo.  Into everything, destroying everything, and eating everything!  That is what they did all day.  I couldn’t leave their side for a second.  I couldn’t use the bathroom unless I brought one in with me, I couldn’t run up to switch the laundry over without bringing one up with me.  When they were separated they were fine, but when they were together, a catastrophe was always lingering around the corner.  It was tomato season and I was up to my ears in tomatoes that I was canning and freezing.  So one day I got the 2 boys started outside with a dodgeball game against each other.  I would hear the ball hit the side of the house, but since it was just a rubber ball, what’s the worst that could happen? So since they were getting along and I could hear them right outside the window in my kitchen, I decided to start washing and chopping some tomatoes.  I kept hearing what I thought was the ball hitting the side of the house, and then a quiet giggle.  This should have been red flag #1, a quiet giggle equals trouble.  So I said “boys play that in the front yard so it doesn’t keep hitting the side of the house”.  So then I would hear what I thought was the ball hitting in front of my house.  Oh well, they were having fun and I guess the “ball” couldn’t hurt anything.  So I went out and thought I would join them in their game of dodgeball  while my salsa was cooking on the stove.  When I walked out, if someone could have taken a picture of my face that that moment, it would’ve been worth a million dollars. They were in fact not playing dodgeball, the noise that I was hearing what them throwing rotten tomatoes at the side of my house and up on my roof.  The side of my house was completely red and my roof looked like a flock of tomato pooping birds just hit the bullseye.  It was so awful, I looked at the boys and they both were smiling but once they saw my face, their smiles retired pretty quickly.  I didn’t even have any words to say, they were 4 and 3 years old, I knew this would be the start of their trouble finding,  and the start of my gray hairs! They still today are great when they are separated, but when they are together doing something, they always seems to find trouble.  I have a hope that someday they will use their trouble finding skills to bring glory to God in some way!

Email us your funny stories, crazy stories, struggles, or why you love being a momma.  We hope you have the Happiest Mother’s Day!! We’ll see you back tomorrow with more deals, stories, and recipes!

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