Have we lost sight of the bigger picture?

I started donating some of my kids gazillion pairs of shoes, this picture perplexed me for more reasons that one…

Those are pop bottles that someone in Africa turned into shoes, meanwhile I am going through trying to decide which pair of crocs I want to donate because I don’t like the color as much as the other pairs that each of my kids own.  I was ashamed and humbled when I saw this picture.  I also just finished watching a television show where a woman was showing her closet and she pridefully proclaimed that she has over 300 pairs of shoes.  Yes, 300 pairs.  Look at this picture above and tell me how we can justify owning 300 pairs of shoes. 

First of all, let me start out by saying that this post is not meant to condemn or judge anyone, I am not doing that.  This post is meant for you to evaluate yourself, your wants, your needs, your desires as this picture caused me to re-evaluate mine.

Growing up anywhere in the world brings its fair share of difficulty, problems, and uncertainty.  Africa is a place that is dear to my heart because friends of mine sold all that they had and became missionaries to Africa.  Most of Africa lives in poverty, disease and sicknesses that leave many families in despair. When my friends left, they sold their beautiful new lake house, all that they owned and they moved to Africa, a country with no family, no friends, and disease was all around them.  I remember my dad (who is not saved, YET) saying “why would they do that? They got rid of everything they had, I just don’t understand it” On the outward, these two precious servants lost all that they had, but in the eternal perspective, these two have gained immeasurably.  They literally lost their lives in order to find life as God calls us to do.  Perspective, it is eye opening isn’t it? I think we have lost sight of the bigger picture.  I pray that God would empty me of myself, and give me an eternal perspective as he did my dear sweet friends in Africa. 

I pray that before we spend money on our 20th pair of shoes, that we would remember those who are in need.  I pray that before we spend the money on our manicures that we would remember those who have nothing.  I think we have lost the meaning of life, I pray that as my friends found life by losing their lives, that I would do the same, right here in my own country. 

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