Have you been to the Corning Museum of Glass?

It’s spring break this week, we always take a family vacation during the summer and we thought of taking one over spring break.  We decided against it but instead chose to take a few trips with the kiddos to local places.

On Friday, we are taking a trip to the Corning Museum of Glass.  My husband takes his class from school there every year and loves it.  Let me clarify, his class at school consists of kids that are 13-14 years old.  My kids are 2-6 years old! Am I nuts? Taking 4 boys to a museum of GLASS?!? Someone stop us if you think this is a bad idea! My husband thinks its a wonderful idea, the best idea he’s had!  He also thought that buying my 5 year old a bb gun for Christmas this year was a good idea.  So if any of our readers have been to the museum of glass, please give me your input! See the picture below, my kids would LOVE to break that into a gazillion pieces! What are your thoughts?

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