Here are some of the “joys” of having little boys

I have 4 boys.  Their ages are 6, 5, 3, 2.  So life in the Perry house is usually high demanding, fast, and chaotic. BUT I adore them with every inch of me! I love how much they make me laugh, I love the things they do, I love the stuff they randomly say that makes my heart skip a beat because I’m so shocked at what they said.  I love every second of it!  Here are a few things that occurred recently that even though it was a pain to clean up, they still made me laugh!  My husband and I lay in bed sometimes and laugh at all the stuff our boys have tried to pull over on us.  Gotta love em!

Jacob was sitting on my lap and I felt something falling out of his pants onto my lap, it was his “diamond” collection below.  A few weeks ago (I wish I took a picture) he decided to put snowballs in his pocket to bring them inside, I’m sure you can imagine what happened when he forgot they were in there. It looked like he peed his pants, on both sides!

joy1 joy2


We bought the game from walmart called Hungry Hippos, there are little plastic balls in the game, when my husband poured his milk from the jug, he found where the missing balls were.


This picture was taken a few days before we found the remote in the toilet.  Benjamin had been sneaking in there with it.  In this picture he has it in his hand while he’s looking out the window, and yes those are his socks in the bathroom sink.


I don’t think the photo below needs much explaining, Ben got into my flour.  When My oldest was a few years old, he dumped the entire bag over his brothers head.  For days after that, when you would pat his head, puffs of white dust still came out.




Kids can sleep anywhere I guess, even upside down on the couch.


I had to put this in because these are the faces my kids make when I tell them to smile for the camera!


I adore them more than words can describe.  All these things happen on a daily basis, they are my comic relief! I love it!


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