Holiday clearance deals!!


Now that Christmas is over, you can score some great deals on Holiday merchandise!! I hit Walmart and Target yesterday where holiday goods were 50% off!! I got some awesome gift baskets that I will use as gifts through out the year for 50% off.  BUT dont just look in the holiday aisle.  I found cake mixes, tissues, diapers, baby wipes, clothing, candy, baking pans, ziplock bags, coffee all for 50% off!! I also found axe gift sets for just $5 at Walmart, paired with a $2 coupon, it made a pretty sweet deal!!  Make sure you head to your local stores and check them out.  Here are some stores offering some great deals on Holiday merchandise:

Rite Aid
Cracker Barrel
Dollar General
Bath and Body Works
Kohls (60% off outerwear, pajamas, and fleece)
Joann Fabrics

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