How much should you tip your waiter/waitress?




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How much should I tip my waiter/waitress or server?


You should generally tip 20% of the total bill before tax.  Wait staff work hard, and rely on your tips as part of their salary, and many times have to split with the bus staff as well.  Remember that it’s not your wait staff’s fault if the food is poor quality or not timely.  You can take that up with management.


Large parties (over 6 people) will generally already have the tip included.  Feel free to tip above and beyond if the service was good.


If the service was inadequate you tip 10-15%.  You should never leave a restaurant without tipping unless the service was unacceptable.



Should I still tip at a buffet?


Yes, but generally 15% of the total bill before tax.  The wait staff still brings your drinks, clears you plates, and accommodates you with any additional things you may need, and is available for any questions.



Many smartphones have Tip Calculator apps you can download.  Tip Me is a great app to have on your phone, as it does all the calculations for you, including how to fill out those credit card bills.



This app will help you determine the tip easily and effortlessly.  It can even split the bill between people in your party.  Download it to your phone, and never be unsure again if you left the right tip!



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