How to Get Your Overgrown Lilac Bush Under Control





Don’t get overwhelmed with that overgrown lilac bush!!  Lilac bushes are beautiful, but can easily grow up to 15-20 feet tall if not maintained!!  You can see how it can get out of control fast!


BUT…It CAN be saved!!  Don’t prune it down completely.  Just cut back a third of the largest and oldest branches right to the ground.  Do the same the next year, and the following year after that.  If you do decide to cut it all back, just be prepared to not have any flowers this year and possibly the next.  It will bloom though, so be patient.


By doing it in thirds, you can still enjoy blooms this year, but it will come back next year with thicker leaves, stronger branches, and more flowers.  The best time to prune is just after the flowers have faded.


You’ll end up with a manageable plant that you can easily maintain going forward.





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