How to Shop Sales at Rite Aid


I love Rite Aid, there is one about 2 miles from my house.  For years I never shopped there, I would always buy my personal and household items at Walmart.  Once I started couponing, I learned how to stack manufacturer and store coupons, and use UP rewards, now I buy almost ALL of my personal items at Rite Aid.

Here’s some easy steps to start:

1) Know the Rite Aid coupon policy.  For those of you who are like me, and you don’t read things in their entirety because you usually have a kiddo pulling at your leg while your reading…well, here’s a quick summary of their policy:

You can use 3 types of coupons on one single product.

-Manufacturer coupons either cut from the newspaper or printed online will usually start with a number “5” or they will say manufacturer coupon at the top.
-Rite Aid video values coupons usually start with a “48”
-Rite Aid manufacturer coupons are usually printed from their site, sent in an email, found in their weekly flyer, or sometimes I’ve received them in the mail. They usually start with a “49”

You can use all 3 of these types of coupons on one single product.

You may use B1G1 Free coupons in conjunction with ONE “cents off” coupon on a product.

There is no overage paid back to you if your coupon exceeds the price of the product.

Ok, so that’s their coupon policy in a nutshell.  You’ll live and learn with most coupon policies.

2) Take advantage of the Video Values! At the beginning of each month, the video values will change.  I like to watch all of them, even if I don’t print the coupons or need them right away.  Sometimes the next month something will go on sale from last months video values, and it’s nice to have them.  Lots of times, Rite Aid will have sales that match their video values, and also match manufacturer coupons.  And if your a lucky duck, you’ll even get an UP reward back too.

3)Keep track of your UP rewards.  Rite aid changed their UP rewards program to “load to card”.  All of your UP rewards stay on your card and cannot be used until the day after your purchase.  I like to see my coupons so I opted out of load to card.  I had UP rewards expire because I didn’t know the expiration date, by opting to have them printed on my receipt I can see the expiration date and keep them in with my coupons.  I like this a lot better, but that’s just my preference.

I buy a lot of products and just keep rolling my UP rewards.  For example, Ill buy shampoo that has a $2 UP reward, Ill then roll that UP reward into another product that will give me an UP reward, so I rarely have to pay a lot out of my pocket.

I can’t remember the last time that I paid out of pocket for shampoo, toothpaste, or deodorant.  If you play your cards rights, you’ll be able to score a lot of free stuff.  Who doesn’t like free?

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