I Knew I would end up with baby chickens!


Remember in this post when I said I had a feeling I would end up with chickens?! Well, I know my husband too well, and here they are.  Last night we went and bought some “egg laying” chickens.  I like to call them “egg laying” in quotations because that’s what they are supposed to be, but something tells me that’s not what they really are!  The last time we bought chickens, most of them turned out to be roosters even though they assured us that we had a good chance of them being hens.  They gave us that same assurance yesterday at the store!  So here we are, with a bunch of chickens under a heat lamp on my porch. I’m actually optimistic about it because my kiddos are so excited about them!  I’ll update you in a few months whether or not these are really “egg laying” chicks!  The good thing about seeing baby chicks in the store is that it’s a reminder that SPRING IS REALLY HERE!

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