I want to be an example to my kids!

Kids are like a sponge.  Things they say, how they act, the stuff they do, the faces they make directly correlate to what we say and do.  When one of my kids (or my husband) does something ridiculous (I wish I could say that I don’t do this), but I know I do, I roll my eyes.  And I mean dramatically roll my eyes! I usually have a smile on my face, but I do roll my eyes….with a smile.  I have found every one of my kids roll their eyes now.  If I get impatient with something, my kids get impatient also. They do it because I have taught them to.

My husband is a principal, and I’ve had kids at school come up and tell me something that another adult or child has done, and they say why its wrong.  They say it like it’s their own opinion.  Then I ask, where did you hear that from?  I don’t even have to ask, I KNOW where they’ve heard it from….their parents.

We are the influence in our kids lives today, and someday that won’t be the case.  My kids are young, so now is my chance to show them God’s love and grace.

A few months ago I went to an appointment, and I was trying to talk to the nurse about God’s love. She didn’t want to hear about it, and she was very sure of that.   She was a bit older than me.  She said her father was a minister, she went to a private school and then to a Christian college, that she learned about God’s love her entire life, but doesn’t care about it anymore.  How had this woman gone so far the other way?  How could she have experienced God’s love yet now her heart is so hard?  It perplexed me the entire visit, and finally I couldn’t bear it and I needed to know.  I asked her why she didn’t care anymore? She explained that she saw so much hypocrisy in her parents when she was young, that her heart grew hard.  Her parents would make her go to church, go to a private school, attend a Christian college, while they themselves would be verbally abusive to each other.  She came to the point that she knew she would finish her education but had decided that if that’s what Christianity is, no thanks.  She didn’t want it.  Now, I’m not saying that she will ever be able to use this as an excuse because she certainly can’t.  I’m saying this, it made me think! Are we telling our kids don’t talk like this, meanwhile that’s how we talk.  Don’t act like this, if that’s how we act.

Our kids will learn from us.  If you have young kids, look in the mirror.  You are looking at the most influential person in your child’s life today.  I can’t answer for my kids once they are older, but I will answer for what I taught them while they were young.  I want to be a great example to them.

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