Im making today a “yes” day!

My kids a lot of times have pretty tall requests, a lot of times I have to say no because they’ll ask “mom can we go camping today” “mom can we go to the zoo right now” Umm, no. I told my kiddos this morning that today is their day, and we’re going to do whatever they would like to do.  Obviously within reason.  Most of our days are planned by me.  We do games, crafts, work, all events that are planned by me.  Today, they get to plan their day.  My kids love this! So today we are:

-Going to the toy aisle to pick out a toy for each kid (they each have $3)

-Going to McDonalds for lunch

-Going on a walk in the woods

-Playing dodgeball on the trampoline together (I always say no to this because I have woke up the next morning and not been able to move after these competitive dodgeball games)

Make sure you plan these days when you have no appointments, store trips or other plans.  Let your kiddos know that you are having a “yes” day and ask them what they really want to do.  Make the day really about them.  Get up early, get your cleaning and laundry done so that your whole day can focus on having fun with them. I want my kids to look forward to summer vacations and being home with their momma.  Make it fun for them!

Low on funds?–skip leaving the house and do some fun games at home.  Bake cookies, play hop scotch, have a water war, play tag, my kids love just getting pushed on the swings, dig for bugs(can you tell I have boys), play hide and go seek.

Kids love just being around their parents and knowing their parents are going to have fun with them.  Think of the next day that you have no plans, and let your kiddos plan the day!

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