Jellystone Park!!!

Jellystone Park, it’s every kids paradise and every parents dream! 

Last weekend we packed up the kiddos and went to Jellystone park for a couple nights.  It’s located in North Java, NY.  It’s only about 30 minutes from our house, which is perfect! Spending too much longer than that in the car usually ends up in chaos! It sort of started out with chaos anyway! The car was packed, and I mean packed.  All of our camping gear, 2 adults, 4 kids, and a dog.  My husband is VERY particular about how we pack the car, as I was loading things in, I noticed him taking them back out and reloading 🙂 So needless to say, it took a REALLY long time to pack the car!

car yogi

When we arrived, the staff at Jellystone was SUPER friendly and helpful.  They answered all of our questions, and they gave us an escort to show us which campsites we could pick.  We picked a site that was tucked back into a little cluster of trees, but right across from their huge wooden playground.  When I would make dinner, my kids would go to the playground with Justin, it was perfect!

campsite yogi

I bought Justin a new tent for Christmas this year (last year we slept in a 4 person tent with all the kiddos).  So I bought him this Wenzel tent (it happens to be on sale at Amazon right now!)  Although, if you are not into tent camping, there are awesome cabins to rent also.  Here is a smaller cabin, but there are also water front cabins and larger cabins.

yogi cabin

The moment we got there, the kids got into their swim trunks, they were so excited to go to the water park.  Jellystone has an enormous waterpark that is every kids’ (and adults) DREAM.  My husband loved it as much as the kids did! I am not a swimmer.  I married a man that LOVES to swim and get in the water. I will drown, I still do the doggy paddle and I have to plug my nose when I jump in.  I still had a great time at the water park though!

waterpark yogi

slide yogi

So everyday we would go to the waterpark then to the beach, and then usually back up to the waterpark again.  The beach was my favorite part of Jellystone.  It’s a huge pond with sand in the one end for swimming, on the other side of the swimming docks, there are canoes and paddle boats.  This beach was super clean, and the kids absolutely loved playing in the sand then going for a swim.  At one point I was sitting with all of the parents in the chairs and my son runs half way up the beach and yells “mom, I’m going to pee in the water, ok?”….Really?!!  I pretended like I had no idea who he was, not my kid!  Just joking, I wanted to pretend he wasn’t mine at that moment though.

yogi sand

Jellystone is completely centered around the kids.  So there were festivities each day that you could participate in, while we were at the beach, there was a sand castle competition going on.  My kids would start to make a sand castle but never really got that far because Benjamin would drive over it with his play bulldozer.

beach yogi

There are 2 stocked fishing ponds.  My kids took advantage of these every night! They love fishing.  Levi finally caught his first fish, only to find that when he pulled it out of the water, the hook was not in the mouth at all, but hooked through the eyeball. Agh.  As he was bringing the fish to me, I grabbed the fish and the eyeball fell out. Gross! My kids were in awe starring at the fish eyeball that was on the hook.

yogi fishing

Each morning and evening you can participate in the flag raising, and hay rides.  a big tractor pulls the hay ride through the entire park and the kids sing songs the whole way.  You are accompanied by yogi, boo boo, cindy, or ranger.  My son Jacob refused to even look at the characters.  He hates any attention whatsoever.  My husband and I were laughing because the entire morning before the hay ride, we were telling the kids not to be so loud incase people were still sleeping.  You see, when you have 4 kids, they always try to talk over each other when they are talking to you, so most of the time you don’t get the right story, and it usually ends up with one boy jumping on the other one for them to be quiet so that they can finish talking.  So all morning they were super loud at the campsite, we get on the hay ride where you are supposed to scream and sing as loud as they can, and my kids sat completely still, looking straight ahead with a big smile and they didn’t make a peep.  WHY?

yogi ranger

Across the other side of the park, there is a basketball court, a dog park, peddle car racing, miniature golf, crafts, and laser tag.  Last year we played all of those games, this year we ran out of time.

Jellystone is packed with fun-filled activities for your kids! Trust me, I have 4 boys and my oldest is only 7 so vacations are not easy most of the time.  But this park really is SUPER EASY.  My kids are already asking when we can go back.

There is so much more to this park, you could spend a week there are still never experience all that they have! Your kids will love it.  I love making memories with them!

The highlights of out trip:

*It so relaxing

*The water parks are the best!

*The park is super clean

*The staff is friendly

*They pick up your garbage for your every morning and evening

The lows of our trip:

*Benjamin is still not potty trained which makes camping a tad bit harder

*The fish eye ball fell out

*Our dog pooped under our tent and we couldn’t figure out where the smell was coming from until we packed up to leave, so every night we smelled dog poop before we went to sleep

*My son ate my sugar free candy instead of his bag or regular candy, so imagine how many times I was bringing him to the bathroom because he ate a whole bag of sugar free candy!

Over all, we had a fabulous time! I love Jellystone, and I hope to bring my kids back each year.  If you are looking for a fun vacation for your kids and a chance for you to relax….Check over here to find the closest Jellystone Park in your area



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