Learning to say No


Sometimes I feel like the lady in that picture! Do you ever say yes to so many things, that you find yourself running around wondering how you will ever do it all?  Last week was like that for me.  I said yes to way too many things.  There is that fear of disappointing someone that causes us to say yes way too often.  Sometimes my mouth is saying yes but my heart is saying no.

What happens when I say yes to too many things? My kids don’t get what they need from me.  Kids are moldable, yes.  Kids are flexible, yes. BUT….Our first job is to be a mother and a wife.  Our second job is to be a friend, a visitor, a errand runner for someone, those things are all acts of service to others, but sometimes we get so involved with our acts to others that we forget our acts to our families.  Do I think there is a balance? ABSOLUTELY! I don’t think we need to be cooped up in our houses every second, but I do believe that we need to not be on the run so much also.

My husband and I were just talking about it this week.  When we are invited to do something, unless our kids can be involved then maybe its something that needs to be crossed off the list.  If its something that our kids will be ignored while were doing it, then maybe its something that needs to be crossed off the list.  My kids end up tired, cranky, and naughty when we are running around too much with them…and I end up tired and cranky too! Pray and ask God to show you the things He would have you to do.  Ask how He wants you to be used, after all you are His. Let’s start our days by asking God to direct us!  There is nothing wrong with kindly telling people “no”.  Trust me, you’ll be relieved when you learn to say no.



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