Little squirts!


This little man went to the dentist, and to my surprise he did very well.  I was sitting in the waiting room outside of the dentist room and I could hear the hygentist say over and over again “that cleans your teeth, that is for your mouth, that is what I use to move the chair up and down” I kept hearing the electric toothbrush shut off in order for her to let Levi get his next question out.  Finally I had to tell him to stop asking so many questions! He is such a little squirt, and when she would say “ok open wide” he would respond by saying “uhhh I don’t really want to” That poor woman really earned her pay with this visit, but as long as everyone was ok, then to me it was a successful visit. So then he got to pick out a new toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste, he was showing it to EVERYONE in the waiting room as I was checking out.

Next stop, the bank.  I pull up to the drive thru at the bank and I happened to know the woman working there, there was no one behind me in line so we were making small talk for a few minutes until she said “uh oh, look behind you” I look back and Levi squeezed the entire tube of toothpaste on the inside of the window and then used his toothbrush to rub it all in.  As I began to say “LEVI!!!!! stop doing that!!” He rolled the window down and responded by saying “what mom?” Really??? Why???

So then I picked my other kiddos up from my moms house at lunchtime, and we headed home.  I put my little guy down for a nap while the oldest 3 were eating lunch.  I decided to make the beds and put the laundry away while I was up there.  I could hear my kids laughing really loud downstairs so I yelled down to ask what was so funny.  Jude said they were just shooting their new nerf gun and it was really fun.  Ok, I finished putting away the laundry and came down, the floor was COVERED with crushed up potato chips.  What! Why would they think they could do such a thing? So I went into their playroom where the floor in there was also covered, and I caught them red handed. They were making targets with the potato chips and shooting their Styrofoam nerf bullets at the chips and crushing them.  Really??? Why???

Why cant boys find NORMAL games to play? Why cant they quietly and happily eat their lunch? Why cant they use their toothbrushes the way they are intended to? I want to know if girls act this way!!?? I guess I’ll never know!

little squirts

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