Live in New York? Have you signed up for NYS alerts?

NY-Alert (Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (DHSES))- Andrew M. Cuomo (Governor)

I signed up months ago for NY alert, and I love it.  They don’t bombard you with messages, but they send you warnings for storms, road closings, NYS sex offenders that move into your area, missing children from your area, or pretty much any type of vital information that is taking place in the county and area that you live.  Not all counties are included, but if you head over here you can see if yours is on the list and then sign up for their alerts.  You can receive them via email or text.  I promise they don’t bombard you.  I have been signed up since December and I have only received 3 alerts since then.  It’s a great way to be informed of emergencies in your area.

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