Make a list of money saving goals

I am a zealous believer in making lists.  Mostly because it keeps me organized, and lets me know what I need to do, but ALSO because when you can cross something off of a list, you have accomplished something.  My husband laughed at me a few weeks ago because we made a list on Saturday of stuff we wanted to get done for spring.  He had finished a few quick projects so I crossed them off of his list.  As I was crossing off things on his list, I added a few things to mine and crossed them off immediately.  Ha! Like I said, you feel a sense of accomplishment when you are able to cross something off of a list.  I had already vacuumed my upstairs and put the laundry away, those things were not on my list.  I added them after I already had done them because I needed something crossed off my list!

Anyway, we had made a list of money saving goals to accomplish this year.  Some were small goals that would not take very long.  Others were larger goals that we would be able to accomplish over time.  We made a list of 10 goals, some are things that we would like to purchase, build or fix at our house.  Others are things that we would like to pay off.  I have 10 goals on my list.  I’ve been able to cross a few off (accomplishment!!!) 🙂 Make yourself a list of short term goals and long term goals for your finances.  You’ll find that you will work harder to save money, spend frugally, and shop wisely if you have a goal in mind.


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