Make sure you watch your Rite Aid video values


Rite Aid Pharmacy

There are a lot of great deals on at Rite Aid this month,  make sure you watch your rite aid video values so that you can stack your coupons to make an even better deal.   You can only watch them through tomorrow! 4/26. Remember these coupons don’t expire yet but you can only earn the coupons until tomorrow.  So head on over to and make sure you watch your videos.

If you are not familiar with Video Values, you head over to register your wellness card (rite aid loyalty card) and click on video values.  You watch a short video about a product and then you are rewarded with a coupon for that product.  The great thing about the video values coupons is that you can stack them with a manufacturer coupon and score a great deal.  So make sure you watch yours by tomorrow!

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