Mama Bird Necklace, only $6.99!! Perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

birds nest


Mama Bird Nest Necklace, bronze or silver, (reg. $26.00) only $6.99!!



How many eggs are in your nest? This is a beautifully unique way to proudly show off your ‘nest’, and will remind you or your little ones wherever you go. It makes a great gift for Mothers, Grandmas, new mom or just spoil yourself! A mom’s nest is never empty!

You choose up to 8 pearl ‘eggs’ to sit securely inside the hand wrapped silver, bronze or gold wire nest. Nests measure about 1/2″ – 3/4″ in diameter and are made from a non tarnish plated wire. Also included is the silver Mama Bird charm & delicate 24″ ball chain. It is recommended they are taken off for bathing swimming etc.

Each nest is made by hand and will vary slightly from pictures shown, no two nests are ever the same, which makes your truly one of a kind!

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