Money Saving Monday – What to Buy in May




Every product has a sales cycle.  They have sales, some offer coupons, and there are times of year when you can find the best prices on these items.


Here is a list to make it easy for you to see what products are the least expensive in May.  Check back each month to see what to take advantage on and what to hold off on.


Memorial Day Sales:  It’s great if you can wait until the end of May to take advantage of Memorial Day Sales.  These can be the best sales since the beginning of the year.  You can even find things as low as 75% off.  What’s on sale?  Check apparel, home goods, and department stores.  (Pottery Barn, Pier1, Kohls, Macy’s, Nordstrom, and more)  Winter and spring apparel are at their cheapest prices.


Spring Apparel:  Stores are looking for room to bring out the summer lines, so the spring lines have to go, which means great sales for you.  Make sure you check online for store coupons to score an even bigger discount.


Winter Gear:  May is the perfect time to purchase winter gear for next year.  This includes winter apparel, skis, boots, and other winter sports equipment.


Mattresses:  New mattresses roll out in June, so May is the time to purchase a mattress.  Not in the market for one yet?  No problem, many brands of mattresses will go on sale again around Black Friday.


Refrigerators: New refrigerator models come out in June as well, so the old models will be moving out and on sale.  Still too expensive?  Check floor models for dents and scratches that can be hidden, and offer to take it off their hands at a deep discount.


Vacuums:  New models are introduced in June, so May is the month you’ll find the best deals.  Out with the old, in with the new.


Patio Furniture:  You can find great deals and sales on last year’s models and old inventory.  Stores want to make room for this summer’s models, which means great sales!!


Party & Picnic Supplies:  Weddings and graduations, along with summer bbqs, happen all summer.  May is the perfect time to stock up on party and picnic supplies, including plates, cups, plastic silverware, and napkins.  You can also score sales on party supplies and decorations.


Small Kitchen Appliances:  Small kitchen Appliances, like mixers, blenders, toasters, etc., are popular gifts for weddings and graduations.  May is also the month to score these items at the best prices.  Coincidence?  No, just good marketing.  Stock up now for Christmas gifts, weddings, graduations, or house warming gifts.


Grill Supplies: This is the time of year to buy grill supplies, and the same time of year you’ll find great sales on charcoal, wood chips, etc.


Office Furniture:  College graduates are flourishing the market in May.  Many companies take advantage of this time of year, and so do office supply stores.  You can find the best sales on office furniture in May.


Gym Memberships:  People are either dedicated to the gym throughout the year, or leave after a couple months.  Gyms also have to compete with the nice weather, and people leaving the gym to hit the great outdoors.  The best time to find a promotion going on is around the New Year and in May when people tend to leave and when memberships decline.


Electronics: According to past year’s sales cycles, May is the time to grab large flat screen TVs.  You’ll also find great deals on laptops.  Laptop deals can also be found around September and Black Friday as well.


Food:  May is the time you’ll find lots of sales and coupons for summer bbq foods, such as hot dogs, ground beef or patties, hot dog and hamburger rolls, condiments (ketchup, mustard, relish), salad dressing, chips, ice cream, popsicles, frozen pies, soda, and bottled water. Most of these items freeze well for several months so take advantage of these sales and stock up!


Seasonal Foods:  You’ll get the best deals on asparagus, artichokes, broccoli, lettuce, okra, rhubarb, spring peas, and pineapple.





Jewelry: Mother’s Day is coming up, and if you haven’t purchased a gift for Mom yet, skip the jewelry counter!  There are plenty other options to pick from.  Jewelry prices have actually increased around this time of year due to the holiday.



Don’t forget to stop back next week for another Money Saving Monday Tip, and if you missed last week’s tips you can check them out here.




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