Nailed it!

Have you ever seen the pinterest “nailed it” pictures.  I laugh so hard at these.  Sometimes if my husband is in a bad mood I pull these pictures out and we laugh so hard.  It’s so true.  You can look at these beautiful pictures on pinterest, and it inspires you to craft or bake, then once you’ve started, reality hits! Like this for example:

Waffle BitesMinion Cake

I know if you are a woman and you’re reading this then you can totally relate to this picture.  The bottom picture is reality!!

I had my own pinterest fail, with my own recipe! Who else can relate to this!!!???

Here is my original recipe picture

molasses cookies

Here’s what really happened to my next batch: NAILED IT!

nailed it

I love pinterest anyway and sometimes following directions is KEY!!!



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  1. Julie Seeber says:

    This is one of your funniest stories. I loved the nailed it part. I showed it to Elisha and he and I were laughing hysterically.
    I look kinda like the little blue guy (the droopy one) when I get up in the morning. and I look more like the other little blue guy after a shower . I told Hannah about your website – I think she is going to check it out. I told her your stories are great.
    Looking forward to more. Julie

    • Marissa says:

      Julie- If you look up those “nailed it” pictures on google, they are so funny. Justin and I laugh so hard at them. Thanks for reading 🙂 p.s.-you do NOT look like that little blue guy!