Olive Garden Recipes!!!


Every time I go to a restaurant, I wait to hear my husband mutter these grievous words that ring in my ears “That was the best meal I’ve ever had.” Oh how I wish I could pull that fork our of his mouth and bonk him in the head with it. Just joking.

I am terribly determined in whatever I am doing, to that point that I drive myself nuts (it’s because I’m Italian).  I am determined to have my husband say “that was the best meal I’ve ever had” as he is sitting at my dining room table!!!! Anyway, I was exited that Olive Garden has released a lot of their recipes on their website today. Head over to Olive Garden Recipes to check them out, I am going to try them out and see if my husband notices my skills 🙂

Craving our Ravioli di Portobello for lunch? Order it at Olive Garden Italian Restaurants today!Enjoy our Garlic Rosemary Chicken at Olive Garden Italian Restaurants today!

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