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Ok so when you have young kids, your cleaning and laundry never end! I’ve already recognized and expected that.  I’ll get to the end of my laundry pile today, only to wake up to a brand new pile tomorrow.  Laundry, dishes and diapers, it’s my career 🙂

People ask my how I keep my house so clean with 4 little rascals, messmakers ……BOYS. Here’s what I do, and it works well.  First thing I do before I even come downstairs in the morning is make all the beds and put on a load of laundry.  (my husband moved our washer and dryer upstairs and it was the best idea we’ve had!) Then I do a 30 minute speed clean in my downstairs.  Pick up everything, put things where they belong, put away dishes, wipe down counters etc.  So that gets my house in presentable condition incase someone happens to pop in.  It’s the worst feeling when my house is destroyed and I hear my driveway alarm go off because someone is pulling in to visit.  This speed clean at least gets things where they need to be.  Then I pick one room to deep clean everyday.  I usually start with the room I hate the most…my bathroom.  I’ve found that when I start doing a deep clean I am ambitious and really get into cleaning, that’s why I do my bathroom first.  If I did it last, my bathroom would never get cleaned that well, I run out of ambition by then.  So then DURING nap time I do my deep clean everyday.  I’ve found if I really get into cleaning with my kids awake I don’t give them the attention that they need from me and then they start getting naughtier than they already are! Just joking, I adore them!  So when I say deep clean, I really mean deep clean.  Dust everything, wash windows, steam mop my floors, wipe down the molding.  Do one room each day, and yes you’ll never really stop.  Once you do all of your rooms, you’ll start back at square one and do them again.  But here’s the benefit, if you do one room a day it’s a lot less overwhelming than doing your whole house and your house will really stay clean.  Today it just so happens as I type this that it’s the day that I have to clean my bathroom.  Am I looking forward to it? Absolutely, who wouldn’t want to clean a toilet after 5 males have been using it?!?! Ok, that was a joke.  Not a very funny one.  I’m absolutely not looking forward to it, but it’s something that I am called by God to do, to take care of my home, even if that means cleaning toilets.  Ok, so right now, think of where you want to start and when your kiddos go down for their nap, get up and get moving! You’ll be shocked at how easy it is to do one room a day…PLUS, your husband will be blessed when he comes home to a cleaner house!

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  1. Julie Seeber says:

    I am going to try your shower cleaner recipe. I dislike cleaning the shower so this should help me. Also, I LOVE your story.
    I may just pop in on you to test out your cleaning theory. Keep the stories coming. julie

    • Marissa says:

      You can pop in anytime!! And give the shower cleaner a try. I really loved it! Thanks for reading 🙂