Organize Your Purse!





Organize Your Purse


I have to admit, after a long day of couponing and shopping with my kids, my purse can look like a bomb went off inside!  From receipts to tissues and wrappers, my purse is a landing place for all things!!  And I tend to get the biggest purse I can find to fit EVERYTHING inside I could possibly need!  Well, with the size of the “tote” I carry, I have to be organized or it will end up being an endless pit of stuff, the abyss, the land to nowhere…


I thought I’d share a few tips on how to organize your purse.


First, let’s talk about the purpose of your purse.  It really should be just to carry what you need while you’re on the go.  You should be able to access everything quickly.  Just like at home, everything should have a home, unless it’s only taking up temporary residence until it reaches it’s destination.  When buying a new handbag, remember to look for compartments, lots of compartments to hold all your goodies!


Ok, here we go….


1.  Completely empty out your purse (or suitcase).



2.  Throw away any garbage that has accumulated.  

Tip: Don’t let garbage in!  There are usually garbage cans within 20 feet of you at all times.  Throw away grocery lists and receipts you’ll never need at the door on the way out, and to-do lists when completed.



3.  Go through receipts and papers and file or toss.

Tip:  Use a small envelope or pouch to hold all receipts.  You can go through when you get home, but it will keep them organized in the mean time. 



4.  Gather all your change.  You can put it in a small change purse, in your wallet, or save at home.

Tip:  Leave change at home.  We have a big change bin where we collect all our change.  This can really add up, makes your purse lighter, and it saves time trying to find the perfect change at checkout.  



5.  Go through your wallet.  Shred any debit or credit cards that have expired or you no longer use.  Wallet must haves:

  • Identification
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Important Medical Information
  • Roadside Assistance Card
  • Emergency Cash


Tip:  Make a copy of both sides of each card you will be keeping in your wallet.  (trust me…it’ll be worth it when your wallet is lost or stolen)  – you’ll have easy access to cancel cards, and will eliminate any loss of funds!!

Tip: Just remember, the less you keep in your purse, the less you have to carry and worry about replacing if stolen!



6.  Organize what’s left.

  • Use a wallet that makes it easy to access cards and cash.
  • Use a small cosmetic bag to hold makeup and accessories.
  • Use another small bag or side zipper to hold medications and/or first aid supplies
  • Keep cell phone in the same pocket each time (no need to dig to find that ringing phone!)
  • Same with keys and a pen and anything else!!  Easy access and keep it in the same spot each time.

Tip:  Use your smartphone for lists, memos, reminders, etc. so you don’t have a bunch of notes and lists floating around your purse.  If you don’t have a smartphone, use a small notebook or your planner to keep track of these things.  

Tip: Handbag Organizer is a great tool for keeping your items organized.  They are also super handy for switching from purse to purse.  Just pull it out and place in a different handbag.


7.  Test drive your purse.  Put it on your shoulder, and see if it’s too heavy.  If it is, you may need to leave something behind.  Trust me, you probably won’t miss it, and your shoulder will thank you for it!




Fun Fact:  These are a few of the things you’ll find in my tote!

(wallet, checkbook, keys, lip gloss, grocery list, coupons!, baby wipes(even though I don’t have kids in diapers!!), tweezers, nail clippers, band aids, chap stick, tissues, dental floss, hand sanitizer, fun things to keep my kids occupied, snacks,  a water bottle, a book, sunscreen, medicine, eye drops, gum, phone, and lotion)



Yes, that’s why I need a tote!!



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  1. I love this and will be checking out the handbag organizer. I have to have purses with different compartments, or it drives me crazy. I try to keep my purse neat, but I have two children and a husband that go into it all of the time that don’t hold it as much of a priority as I do where the organization is concerned. 🙂 I do agree about placing the contents of your wallet, front and back, in a safe place in case your wallet is ever lost or stolen. I have the contents of my wallet copied and in my safe at home!

    • It is very tough to keep it that way with kids(and husbands). And I’m always surprised by what ends up there with my kids…you just never know what you’ll find. haha I try to have my kids ask permission before they get into my purse. It doesn’t always work, but I try…