Perry readers, dont forget to snag these great deals!

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After talking to the manager about their policy, here is what I found out…. you don’t have to buy all 5 bags of chips (they are buy 2 get 3 free).  You can just buy 1 and it will still be the discounted price.  That rule goes for all of their sales.  You only need to buy 1 to get the sale price.

Here is what I got:

Utz chips (buy 2 get 3 free) OR $1.71 per bag
Use $0.75 off coupon here (type zip code 30045)
Final Price=$0.21 per bag

Old El Paso taco shells $1.50
Use $0.75 off coupon here
Final Price=FREE

Old el paso dinner kit $2.50
Use $0.75 coupon here
Final Price=$1

Arnold bakery country bread (buy 1 get 1 free) OR $1.99 each
Use $0.55 off coupon here
Final Price=$0.89 each


]Total Before coupons=$26.54

Total After coupons=$4.83

Saved 82%



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  1. Lynnette says:

    BTW- you only get the Old el paso deal if Marissa doesn’t beat you to the store and buy ALL the items off the shelf!!! SHELF CLEARER!! lol…

    • Marissa says:

      Hey now!!!! I did leave a bunch on the shelves, lol last week I missed a bunch of the deals because the shelves were empty when I got there! All you ladies are starting to coupon now and stealing all the deals!! LOL, don’t worry, Perry Market restocks regularly and if you don’t snag them, they’ll happily give you a rain check that you can also use coupons with! Don’t miss that deal, its a good one 🙂 Thanks for your fabulous input Lynette!