Food for thought…preferring one another

preferring one another

“Let love be without hypocrisy.  Abhor what is evil.  Cling to what is good.  Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another.  Not lagging in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord.” Romans 12:9-11

Being a Pastor’s wife, I can’t tell you how many scenarios I have heard in the past week of Christians having ought with one another.  Most of these situations are so petty that I can’t even believe that there is a problem in the first place.  I have been there also.  There are times that I have been offended by someone and I take it to heart and have a “how dare she” attitude.

This is the place that satan draws Christians.  Not only because it sets a root of bitterness in our hearts, but also because those roots of bitterness begin to show themselves in our conversations, our actions, and our lives.  What happens next? People begin to shine the spotlight on the hypocrisy in the lives of Christians.  That is exactly what satan wants to do in your life and mine.

Here is the thing ladies.  Why do we become bitter? Why do we have these petty things that we allow to offend us? Its because we are not follow what the Bible says.  Often times we like to point the finger at the offender, and yes, God will deal with them.  But turn that finger back around and point it at yourself because often times we are guilty as well.

We are guilty of thinking that we deserve preference.  We are guilty of loving people with boundaries.  We are guilty of thinking higher of ourselves than we ought.  And we are guilty of taking our eyes of Jesus and focusing more on what everyone else is doing.  God has beckoned us to love as He loves, without preference, without esteeming ourselves, without boundaries.  If we truly loved our neighbor as ourselves, then we would not get upset over these small mishaps that unleash bitterness into our hearts.

Recently someone came to me for counsel because someone was doing something in a way that was annoying them.  I responded by saying “well why is it annoying you?” She had no answer.  There was no reason for her to be annoyed.  It was not affecting her, it was not her business, and there was no reason for her to be annoyed.  This is what happens when we don’t prefer one another above ourselves, when we don’t love one another like God has called us to, and when we pridefully think that we have the answers.  I have been there too ladies, we all have!

I truly believe that the problems and disputes in God’s church would be miniscule if we truly learn to love one another as God has loved us.  Love covers a multitude of sins.

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