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This Purse Organizer is specially designed for people who require additional space requirements that weren’t provided in our slim, standard, medium, large purse organizers.

It features two zipper pockets on each side. You can easily adjust the size of the organizer by using the buttons conveniently located on the side. A large middle section where you can place large items (like the iPad or a book). There are pockets in the front and back for you to reach for smaller items conveniently without having the item drop into your purse.

It is manufactured using nylon quilted fabric to reduce any possible damage on your items as well as having the purse organizer strong enough to sustain any possible external damages. The hidden handle is specially designed to be not in the way with what you are trying to perform. You can use this handle to easily lift the the Purse Organizer when you need to. It is usable in almost any kind of bag.

Dimensions 7.3 * 11.8 * 3.3 in.


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