Raising boys!

Lots of times I have people ask me to write about more of my boy stories.  I have so many crazy stories that often times I wonder if my life is normal…or…not.  Honestly, when you have 4 boys that were all born within 4 years, life gets crazyout of control, fun! 🙂 Even when my older 2 are at school, there is literally NEVER a dull moment. Not. Ever. So you wanted to hear some stories, here they are….

 Well Benjamin is potty training, really the story could end there because any moms reading this know exactly how crazy potty training is. But he is quite the little trouble maker.  I am not a very good potty training mommy, so my potty training consists of sitting them on the toilet with some books and toys every 10 minutes. My bathroom is right off of my kitchen so as I was washing dishes I was talking to Benjamin as he was sitting on the potty.  Little did I know that he was sneakily unrolling the entire roll of toilet paper into the toilet behind him, then he flushed it.  And do you think it went down? Of course not, because my day wouldnt be normal if it just flushed right down.  No, it overflowed everywhere! 

OK, on to story number 2…..

My little man Jacob loves balloons.  He “found” $5 in an old wallet that was in his toy box so I told him I would take him to the store to pick out a few things.  That money was burning a hole in his pocket! When we got to the store, he quickly led me to the toy aisle, as if I had forgotten when it was.   So he picked out a few packs of candy and a pack of balloons.  When we got home, he went to the bathroom, then to his room.  For any of you who havent heard the stories about his room, he has quite the little sanctuary up there.  In fact, the sanctuary is under his bed.  He lines pillows along the side under his bed so that his brothers wont notice what he has going on under there.  His bed is up against the wall, so along the wall he has a gazillion Lego figures and army guys set up, yes each one of them is perfectly standing up.  In front of them he has a picture that he drew of them along with each of their names.  He has each little paper cut perfectly and sitting in front of each guy.  He literally has ten different containers under there with extra lego pieces, cars, or any other toy that he wants to reserve and protect from his brothers.  Next to the lego guys he has his food storage (which I did not know about) until I noticed that a lot of items in my snack cupboard were missing.  I also found his “garbage” which consisted of apple cores, orange peels, candy wrappers and such.  It is quite the little set up that he has created for himself.  I call it his “little man cave.” So I figured he was just up playing in his man cave but little did I know……as I was vacuuming the bottom of our stairs, I felt something hit me and then splash all over my face, I screamed.  Really loud.  I shut off the vacuum as I was confused as to what had happened.  When I looked up I saw Jacob and Levi standing at the top of the stairs laughing as they held an armful of water balloons.  “Sorry mom, I didnt mean to hit you, I thought it would just hit the floor”  OK, so at what point would it even be OK to throw water balloons down the stairs onto the floor, let alone hitting your poor mother in the face with one….? Can anyone answer that for me?  

Ok, and onto story #3….

We had a snow day at school today, my 3 older boys were upstairs playing with Legos as Benjamin and I were preparing lunch.  I heard a lot of laughing and screaming, I ran up to see what they were doing.  The room was filled with snow.  They all were wearing nothing but underwear, making snowballs and rolling in the snow.  Oh. My. Goodness.  It was a snow storm outside, and the drifts outside their window were huge.  They opened with window and found that the snow was blowing right in because it was snowing and blowing so hard.  So then they had a wonderful idea to take their clothes off and make snowballs, and roll in it……? 

Moms of boys, we must agree to unite together in prayer!!!!!! 🙂


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