Saving Money Buying Lettuce: A head or a bag?



When you are buying lettuce, do you wonder which one is a better deal; a head of lettuce or the bagged stuff?


Let’s look at a few things to consider:


  • A head of lettuce seems to keep it’s flavor longer than the bagged varieties(especially those cabbage mix varieties!).  It’s also about half the price of bagged, including the leafy green varieties.   You just can’t beat fresh lettuce!
  • Bagged lettuce usually lasts longer if stored properly.  Most are washed and treated to lengthen their shelf life.  (You should still wash them)
  • You can usually get a variety of mixed greens in one bag, which is healthier than just a head of iceberg lettuce, and less expensive than purchasing heads of 4 different lettuces.


Ok, back to saving money…last longer or cheaper price?  It really depends on your lifestyle.  If you eat a salad everyday, you may want to opt for the cheaper, head version.  But, if you are not planning on feasting on greens everyday, you may want to opt for the longer lasting bagged option.  If you want a nice mixed variety, choose the bagged.


For us, we eat salad almost everyday, and have a large family so we opt for the heads of lettuce, but have used bagged when on it’s on sale.  I’ve even found bagged for $.25 per bag.  Yes, it was expiring within a few days, but you can’t beat that price!!


Tip: Store lettuce in a crisper in a sealed bag for a longer shelf life.  

Tip: If you are cutting lettuce to save for later, make sure to rip the lettuce and not cut with a knife.  It will last longer without turning brown.

Tip: Wash and store heads of lettuce with paper towels to absorb moisture to lengthen shelf life.  

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