Some food for thought this morning….

I went to church last night and listened to my pastor (who is also my brother, yes the one who is the crazy couponer) teach.  He said something that I stopped and thought about for a while.  I pictured it happening, and it blessed me.  Here’s what he said (in a nutshell)

Raise your hand if you know who Derek Redman is.  I bet nobody has their hand raised.  I had never heard of him prior to this.

So this man, Derek Redman is in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona and is training to run the 400 meter race.  He had a lot of past injuries and surgeries, but after much training, much toil and much work, he finally makes it.  The race starts, and part way through the race, he pulls his hamstring, slows down, and eventually falls onto the track.  Crying, because the dream he worked so hard for was shattered.  He eventually stands up and starts hobbling to the finish line.  He was determined to finish his race.  A man in the stands, makes his way through the crowds and onto the track.  Security guards stop him and he makes his way past them.  Who is this man? Jim Redman.  Derek’s father. He puts his arm around his son and helps him to the finish line where Derek finished his race.

You’re probably thinking….yeah…so…..

Here is the thing, do you see the beautiful picture this creates? Do you see the duplicate of this in our lives? I do! We, like Derek are running our race as Christians.  We, like Derek, fall.  We fail, we fall, we loose faith, we dwindle.  Here is the beauty in it, our God knows us.  “For He knows our frame, He remembers that we are dust” He knows that we will fall.  He knows that we will fail.  BUT…He remains faithful still. Our great God and Savior. He comes along side when we fall and he helps us up because He is a loving, compassionate Father. Jim Redman saw his son fall, did he turn aside? No.  Did he leave the race? No.  Did he think his son was not worthy? No. He ran to his son to help him.  Our God does the same for us. He carries us, He lifts us, He leads us to the finish.  That is His heart for you today dear sister, that though you may have fallen, you may have walked away, you may have failed, but He wants to help you up, He wants to dust you off, He wants to show you His love, and He wants to help you finish.

“and in the wilderness where you saw how the Lord your God carried you, as a man carries his son. Deuteronomy 1:31

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  1. I remember watching the video for that. It made me cry!

    • Marissa says:

      Jess, I watched it like 10 times last night. It is so sad, but portrays a beautiful picture of out lives in Christ. Thanks for stopping by. I headed over to your blog. Love your homeschool story. I give you homeschool mommies so much credit!! You are super moms! Come back again. Thanks so much. Have a great weekend!