Sonic toothbrush refills only $12 for 4-pack, save 76%!!






4-Pack: Toothbrush Heads Compatible with Philips Sonicare, Flexcare, Diamond Clean, $12



  • 4 pcs of High Quality Generic Sonic Replacement Brush Heads
  • White and Easy Clean models
  • Compatible for Philips Sonicare. Compatible with Diamond Clean, FlexCare+, FlexCare Healthy
  • Made with end-rounded US Dupont Tynex Nylon Bristles
  • Generic version of the replacement ProResults HX6013/66 brush heads Suitable for the following Models HX6100/HX6150/HX6411/HX6411/HX6431 HX6431/HX6500/HX6511/HX6530/HX6711 HX6730/HX6731/HX6732/HX6780/HX6781 HX6782/HX6902/HX6910/HX6911HX6911 HX6912/HX6930/HX6932/HX6932/HX6932 HX6933/HX6942/HX6942/HX6952HX6982 HX6982/HX9332/9382/9342 Sonicare R710/Sonicare R732 Sonicare RS910/Sonicare RS930 Sonicare RS950

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