Spring cleanup with the kiddos…

We try to always involve the boys in whatever we are doing.  Even though is was only 45 degrees, I decided to do some lawn work while my husband and the boys set up their new trampoline.  I was a little worried when they first started because my husband is not a “read the directions” kind of guy.  He tries to wing it with most things.  The same goes with pulling over and asking for directions.  What is it about pulling over and asking for directions that makes a man feel like less of a man ? I’ll never know!! So anyway, I really thought this might end up rough considering that I saw the directions to the trampoline and the box blowing down the driveway.  (I retrieved them by the way) Much to my surprise, I saw him peek at the directions a few times and it ended up working.  Levi fell off once during the setup process, Jacob pinched his finger in the springs, and Benjamin ended up in the mud puddle.  Not to bad of a day, right?

trampoline1…….The start of the trampoline project

Anyway, I cleaned out my gardens and picked up the lawn while they worked.  Isn’t it funny the things that you find in your lawn after the snow melts?! I found the matches to some boots that were “missing” this winter.  I found our snow shovels that were also “missing”.  I say “missing” because usually when my kids get a hold of something, unless I keep my eye on it, it usually turns up “missing”.  Missing in my house means its not within your range of sight at the moment.  Look to the left, look to the right, don’t see what you’re looking for, that means it’s “missing”.  So I found the boots, our shovels, some gloves, some strange bones that my dog dragged into the lawn.

trampolin2….Making progress

I have to tell you a quick side note story about bones in the lawn.  So every year we butcher a cow, stick with me here because it sounds gross but it wasn’t that bad… a friend of ours who owns a butcher shop comes to the house and they butcher the cow in our barn.  (I was regretfully a spectator to this event last year) So last year, we buried the hooves, and skull, the bones that you don’t use.  Ok, don’t let it gross you out too badly, there’s a funny part of the story so keep reading.  My husband buried them way down in our pasture.  So one day, my husband decides he’s going to take me out to dinner.  A girl that attends our Christian school was going to watch our kids.  Let me add the fact that she’s never been to our house before nor has she watched my crazy kids before.  So I picked her up from her house and the entire way back to my house I was telling her how it wasn’t going to be hard with my kids, things would be fine, etc. We pull in the driveway, and she gets out of the car to find a HUGE cow leg on the driveway by her feet.  I was so embarrassed, then I look up and on the hillside next to her and there lay the cow……HEAD along with the rest of the legs!  My stinkin’ dog dug them up and carried every piece back to my house to leave as an offering to us.  My dog, who is more of a lawn ornament than a dog really, dug up the bones! She is a dog that sleeps all day, doesn’t move out of the driveway because she’s so lazy.  Last week we had the baby chickens on the porch, and a few got out of their cage, they were pecking the dogs face and she didn’t even open her eyes to see what was going on….no lie.  She’s the laziest dog I’ve ever owned. I love her to death but she is not the type of dog that would even make the effort to walk down into the field, let alone dig up something while she was down there.  Anyway, nonetheless I had to explain to this poor girl that was babysitting that things would be…FINE..and we aren’t weird!

bone….Not sure about this treasure I found!

So back to the lawn cleanup….I was shocked at all of the things that I found underneath the snow.  More shocked than I was that the trampoline is up and is in one piece, put together the right way.


As I was raking out my gardens I was thinking about how ugly everything looks in the Spring.  Every plant in my garden is brown and every bush looks dead.  Then after I pruned back the old dead stuff and I got to the bottom of my bushes, I found new growth.  YES!!! New growth, a sign that my garden will soon be luscious again. A sign that the grass will soon be green and that those puddles that my kids just happen to “fall” in every day will soon be gone! YES!! As I was pruning back the dead parts of my bushes and plants, I was reminded that when things are pruned, better things will come from them.  “I am the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser.  Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away, and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more2.  Yes to my new plants coming, and yes to the new growth God wants to do in our lives.


growth…..This is what I found after clipping back all the dead parts and raking away all the leaves. NEW GROWTH! I don’t know if that means anything to you, but it excites me!!!

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