Summer Beverages you need to try (and I need to try!)

All summer long I hear those dreaded words “I’m thirsty” and I am always looking for fun drinks for my kiddos.  I found the best looking drinks from fellow bloggers, and here is the list.  I can’t wait to try these!   lemonade Homemade Pink Lemonade from Little House Living.  This looks so refreshing that I can’t wait to try it! Raspberry Acai Sparkler                         Raspberry Acai Sparkler from A Nut in a Nutshell- This is made from Trop50 juice.  It looks amazing, and can’t wait to try it with fresh strawberries from my garden! Homemade Iced Lattes and Mochas Homemade Iced lattes and mochas- from Frugal Living NW–you can make these without an espresso maker and they look pretty easy.  Can’t wait to try it! hmlemonade Homemade Lemonade from Little House Living–this woman is a country girl from South Dakota who knows how to live simply! Check out her site for some simple living inspiration, and this awesome lemonade recipe! Watermelon float from KouponKrazed.  This looks good, cant wait till watermelons really start coming into season!   Non-Alcoholic Pina Colada                     Non-alcoholic pina coladas– These are made with only 3 ingredients, and they blogger 7 On a Shoestring is frugal!! I love it already!! Raspberry limeade mocktail recipe   Raspberry limeade  – Ellen from the Socialites Closet has a great recipe that I want to try for this limeade!! Looks great! 342a6692e05310b299ef61ddde0974e6b196aa580817af9723

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  1. Julie Seeber says:

    Maris- I definitely want to try out the iced lattes and mocha drink. Have you tried these yet? Also will you be serving any of
    this when I come to visit? Which should be soon, I hope. I know Becca and Emmy are looking for good ice cap recipes.
    Hope to see you Sunday.

    • Marissa says:

      Julie, I want to try all these drinks! I’ll have to make some when you come over to make the bagels 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for sharing my recipe! Off to check out the others.