Target Cartwheel


For any of you that don’t know what the Target Cartwheel program is, you’re missing out on some great deals.  Here’s what you need to do:

Head here and sign up for target cartwheel, either through your facebook account or your email.

Search through all the available offers, add the offers you plan to purchase.

Now when you are ready to head to Target, simply print your barcode from your computer, or just download the app on your phone and let them scan your smartphone.  I like the app because while I’m shopping, Ill check it for specific things I’m purchasing to see if there are any offers.

Here’s the nice thing about it, well for starters its another way of saving money, so that’s already on my list of Pros, but you can also use a manufacturer coupon, a target coupon (or a mobile coupon) and a cartwheel offer on one single product.  Those 3 things=some great deals! Plus, new offers are always being added.  Sometimes you can score 50% off specific items. Give it a try, and keep your eyes peeled for our future posts under the Target tab for great savings!

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