The Best and Worst Things to Buy in December

best things buy december


Looking for bargains this season!?  Here are some great gift ideas and deals you can find in December!  



  • Don’t forget to use store coupons and codes!
  • Use rebate sites like Ebates for even greater discounts!
  • Price match!  If you can’t find an item in stock, just bring the sale flyer to a competitor to have them price match the sale!
  • If you’re looking for a specific item, get on the email list for the store or manufacturer, and they will email you sales and discount notices.  
  • Hit up the thrift or second hand stores.  You’ll find the greatest discounts around this time of year when people are cleaning out and making room for Christmas.  Sign up for their newsletters or email alerts to get the latest discounts and sales information.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute.  Retailers raise prices the last couple days before Christmas for those last minute shoppers!  


Bargains, Bargains, Bargains:


Gift Cards:  Yes, you can score discounts on gift cards!  Restaurants, Chains, and Whole Sale Clubs will offer deals on gift cards.  You’ll find deals like getting $100 worth of gift cards for $85, or buy 3 get one free, or buy $50 gift card, and get a free item or $10 gift card for free.    If you like to shop at a certain store, these are even great to purchase for yourself.  Or if you have been looking for a big ticket item to go on sale, purchase one of these deals and save even more with sales, coupons, and discount store gift cards!!  


Golf Clubs: Just like many summer items, it’s a great time to buy golf clubs.  Plus, these make for great gift ideas! 


Pools: Depending on the state you live in, pools are a great buy in December.  The prices are at their lowest, pool installers are a lot less busy, and you’ll find great deals!!  Pool dealers generally lower prices in winter to keep their business going through the colder months.  


Televisions & Other Electronics: Well, February is actually the BEST month to purchase a TV, but December is a close second. You’ll see sales Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and throughout the holiday season on off brand HDTVs, but if you want those higher end brands, wait for the week or two weeks before Christmas for the best sales!   Check Walmart, Target, Wholesale Clubs, and Best Buy for the best deals!!  


Tools: Christmas time is the best time to find deals on tools.  Don’t forget to shop around and many stores price match!  These are great for gift ideas as well!!  Kohl’s, Sears, Kmart, Lowes, and Home Depot will have the best prices!!


Bikes: Another summer item…especially for those snowy states!  You’ll find great deals on bikes in December.  Buy now, and enjoy  in the spring – especially all those savings!!  Not in the budget for December?  May is another month you’ll see great deals on bikes.  


Toys:  As you can imagine, December is a great month to find deals on toys.  Did you miss Black Friday and Cyber Monday?  No worries, the best prices on many top toys were actually found in the two weeks before Christmas.  Again, don’t forget to price match!!  Don’t forget to stock up on those after Christmas deals for birthdays, as you can score big on some great clearance priced items!


Kitchen Items: These are great Christmas gifts, so you can expect to find great deals on pots & pans, flatware, glassware, etc. during the holidays.  November is also a great month for kitchen item discounts.  Kohl’s, Walmart, Target, Department stores will offer the greatest prices, along with coupon discounts.  


Holiday Gift Sets: You’ll find great prices on fragrance or cosmetic seats, men’s care kits, and more.  You can score deep discounts right after Christmas, as well, as stores will want to clear out the holiday merchandise.


DVDs:  It’s a great time to find discounts on movies!  Be patient, and watch for sales on Amazon, Walmart, Target, Kmart, and Best Buy!


Laptops:  Black Friday and Cyber Monday are probably the best time to find great deals on Laptops, but you’ll also find deals into December.  August and September also are the time to look for discounts on Laptops.  (Back to school)  


Lotion/Moisturizer: Winter is cold and dry, and so is your skin.  Retailers will often have sales, buy one get one deals, so stack those coupons with sales to get the best prices and stock up.  




Jewelry:  Sorry gentlemen, Christmas is not a great time to buy jewelry for your honey!  Although a great gift idea, prices are generally cheapest in April, July, or August.  If you really want to buy jewelry for Christmas, remember to use a coupon (make sure you read the fine print for exclusions) and never pay full price!!..…negotiate, negotiate, negotiate.  It doesn’t make you a cheapskate, it makes you a good steward of your money.  Plus, you may even save enough for the gift and dinner!  


 Christmas Decorations:  DON”T buy Christmas decorations before Christmas!!  Be patient, and wait until after Christmas for super deals and deep discounts!  Stores even go as high as 90% off until the holiday stock is gone!  




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