The craziest birthday surprise

So, I turned 30, today! And tomorrow I’m getting on a plane to head to North Dakota.  Seven women and I are headed to a women’s retreat in North Dakota where my dear friend and her husband started a small church.  I’ve never flown in my life, and to be honest, I haven’t flown because I’m deathly afraid of it. So a couple of months ago when my friend asked me to come out and teach at her retreat, my first thought was…how will I get there, because I’m not flying!  I talked to my husband and agreed to go out there to teach.  Before I even had time to think about how I would get there, the flight was booked and I was going to be flying!  I mentioned to my husband that I never wanted to fly, and if I did, I pictured it being with him.  I should’ve know that would get his wheels turning!

So, yesterday my husband gets home from school and tells me to dress rugged and find my glasses. (I never wear my glasses and I always complain about my bad vision, you’d think I would learn!) Ten minutes later, his mom and grandmother show up to watch my kids.  Having 4 boys under age 6 really limits you on your babysitting options.  We usually try to find two people to babysit together, otherwise it would be likely that my kiddos would tie the babysitter up and take over the house!

We’re on the road, and I have no idea where we’re going and he wouldn’t give me any hints.  I was guessing the whole way there, before I know it we’re in Dansville…Dansville! No offense to any of you Dansvillians that happen to read this, but my first thought was, what could possibly be in Dansville?  Then he pulls over the car on the side of the road next to this tiny little airport, and I see this little plane doing dives all over the sky above us.  The light bulb came on! So then I asked, “Are you taking me up in a plane?” and we both were silent, frightfully silent. He didn’t even have to answer, I already knew what he was going to say, and then I peed my pants. Just joking, I wanted to!

So we meet this sweet old timer pilot that was already warned heavily by my husband that there was a good chance that I would say “NO WAY”, but I agreed to go. As I was walking to the plane I felt like I couldn’t say no because they were both so excited about it.  I didn’t want to be the party pooper, so I went.  As I get in the plane, my husband gets in the back, me and the pilot in the front and the pilot says to me “you’re going to be flying us”.  Talk about anxiety! So we took off I let out a few screams, but I really wanted to SCREEEEAAAMM! We flew over Conesus Lake, and then Letchworth Park, and finally we flew over my house.  We called my mother-in-law and she had all the kids running through the lawn waving at us. After flying in circles over my house and laughing at my kids,  all of a sudden, I’m sick. I tried to act like nothing was wrong, and the pilot asked if I wanted to take the wheel again.  I kindly said no, you’re doing great but could you head to the airport, pronto!!!  I mean sweat running down my forehead, looking for a bag, that kind of sick.  The poor guy sped up and said we’d be back to Dansville in 6 minutes so just hold on.  Trying to hold on when you’re about to throw up is not something that just comes naturally.  I’m looking down on the floor trying to think of what to do, where to throw up, and at this point I’m really, really sick.  My husband recommended he take his shoe off and I throw up in it.  Let me think about that one….I’ll pass! I wish I could say he wasn’t serious about that, but he was! What a guy! This plane was literally so small that my knees were hitting the dash, its the last place in the world I would ever want to throw up.  The pilot told me to look at the horizon and I would feel better, I did, but minimally.

Seeing the world from that perspective makes you realize how little we are, and how big our God is, it was beautiful, breathtaking! I’ll never forget it!

Needless to say, my husband is the coolest guy I’ve ever met and there’s no one like him.  My first time on a plane was with him indeed, just not like I pictured it! What will he think of next?!?! P.S. He has told me ten times since we got home that he would really like to get his pilot license and have it be a hobby of his when he retires.  I told him that’s fine, but buy yourself a one seater plane because you’d be flying alone 🙂

plane 1

plane 2

plane 3

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  1. Julie Seeber says:

    I loved your “craziest birthday surprise” story. I am so glad that you let me know about this website. I will be checking it
    regularly. You are a precious young woman Marissa. Happy Belated Birthday.
    Love, Julie
    PS And Justin truly is a “keeper”.

    • Marissa says:

      Aww thanks Julie!!! So glad you like it! It was definitely a birthday that I’ll never forget 🙂

  2. Nicole Bascom says:

    I just started crying at my desk. Such a great story. Love you, Mariss!

    • Marissa says:

      awww Nic! We need to get together! That was the craziest birthday ever! Keep following our blog, you’ll hear some of my crazy kid stories and some great deals and recipes. MISS YOU!!!!