The gardening has begun and I’m scared!

Ok, so my kiddos are having a fruit stand with our extra fruits and veggies this year.  This translates to a man as “go big” with the garden.  So we started most of our seeds in doors like we do every year.  Last year our tomatoes got a disease so we decided to let that spot of land rest and till up a new spot this year.  Here is the new spot…

garden 1

And here is the person responsible for the next pictures 🙂

garden 4

As you look at this picture of my husband, remember that I said, in his mind he’s thinking “go big” with the garden.  With the help of my dad, I came out today to look at the progress and this is what I found…

garden 2

A gigantic, enormously huge, astronomic sized garden.  BUT, there’s more….They didn’t till just one humongous garden, but….

garden 3

TWO humongous gardens!!!

I had to just sit in the chair and laugh.  I’m not sure what I am going to put in these gardens yet, but I’m sure they have a plan….right?



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