The in’s and out’s of coupons

A few readers have asked me where and when to use coupons.  Once you have been couponing for a while, you will get an idea of the price on items, when they go on sale, and the best price to purchase them for.  For example, I have a stockpile of shampoo in my cupboard.  I know that there are high valued coupons that come out for shampoo that I can match with sales, so I know that I don’t ever buy shampoo unless its less than $0.50 per bottle.  You will learn these types of scenarios once you start couponing for a few months.

Ok so here is the coupon lingo, first start with this:

B1G1=Buy 1 get 1 free

WYB=When you buy (example wyb 2 means you’ll get a deal when you buy 2)

OOP=Out of pocket (money that you pay for something)

UP reward=Rite Aids reward service that gives you money back as an “UP” reward when you purchase a product.  UP rewards are as good as cash in your rite aid store.

RP=Red plum insert (comes in the Sunday paper)

PG=Proctor and gamble insert (comes in the Sunday paper)

SS=Smart source insert (comes on the Sunday paper)

Online coupons:

I always search for online coupons before I go shopping. You can head over to to print coupons on your products. Coupons can be used at any store that accepts manufacturer coupons.  If a coupon says “redeem at Walmart” that is just a recommendation.  You can use that coupon anywhere.  If a coupon says “ONLY redeemable at Walmart” that means just what it says, you can ONLY redeem it at Walmart.

Some stores allow you to stack “store coupons” with “manufacturer coupons” this usually makes a great deal.  Target has store coupons, manufacturer coupons, and cartwheel offers.  If you can score a product with all 3 of these coupons, then you can really score a super great deal.  Remember this, ever penny you save is a penny that you otherwise wouldn’t have! Be sure to ask questions anytime!

Here is my personal preference for coupons use:

Rite Aid-all personal care items such as toothpaste, shampoo etc

Wegmans and Tops-Coupons that are less than $1 in value because they will be doubled.

Walmart-Coupons that are $1 or more

Target-Coupons that can be matched with a Target store coupon

This is generally how I use my coupons but I also shop the sales and match the coupons with sales.



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