The Perfect Frosting

My mom owns a bakery, and I am always asking her for tips.  I wanted to know what her trick was to good frosting.  Her answer…add butter and shortening and beat it for a long time.  So I did that, I also read online a while ago that instead of adding milk and vanilla to the powdered sugar, one bakery adds french vanilla coffee creamer instead. Hmmmm….interesting!!

So I did both!

I used a few cups of powdered sugar and added about 2 tablespoons each of both butter and shortening.  Then I added French vanilla creamer, I put the whipping attachment on my mixer and beat it for a long time. The result was…AWESOME!! This frosting was so smooth and delicious.  And oh did I mention it’s low fat….. 🙂 Too good to be true.  The low fat part is not true, but the deliciousness sure is!  Next time you go to frost your cakes or cupcakes, give this a try.  Powdered sugar, butter(or margarine) shortening, and French vanilla creamer.  You’ll never go back to store bought frosting!


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