Things people have said to me in the grocery store…..


I recently read an article about things people say to moms with lots of kids in the grocery store. So I thought I’d share some of the “wisdom” people have passed to me in the grocery store.  I have 4 boys under age 7.  When I take these kiddos shopping, I get some stares, glares, and shocked looks.  What people say to me is actually more shocking.  As if I dont know that I have 4 boys, as if I dont realize where children come from, and as if I dont know that my life is a little crazy.  Yes people, I realize these things but thanks for reminding me!  

1) “Wow, you must have your hands full.”
Really? What would make you say that? Is it because my son just tipped over the entire magazine rack or because my other son is riding the side of the grocery cart like it’s a bull?  Trust me, I know my hands are full!

2)”Dont worry, boys are easier”
Easier? I have been to the emergency room more times than I can count.  My kids have flushed more things down the toilet and overflowed it more times than I can even remember.  Tell me what’s easy about it, please!

3)”Are you going to try for a girl?”
I cant tell you how often people ask me this question.  Am I going to try what? How would I “try” for a girl? The boldness of this question makes me automatically spit out the word “NO!” as fast as I can.   I have 4 boys, do I need a girl!?! What do you think I’m nuts or something!

4)”Boys are less dramatic”
Tell that to my crying 6 year old who cant stop crying because his brother lost the cap to his juice. Or tell that to my 7 year old who is having a fit because his brother took apart his lego tower. Trust me, my life is full of drama!

5)”I bet those boys treat their momma like a queen”
I have been shot with more Nerf darts than you can imagine.  I have been peed on, pooped on, thrown up on, farted on.  I have become a professional wrestler, fort maker, castle builder, and warrior. Is that how queens are treated?

7)”The sad thing about boys is that when they get married, they usually leave and never call you again.  But you’ll probably be happy because then you’ll finally have some peace and quiet”
A woman seriously said this to me, Ummm, having my kids never call me again….that’s something Ill be looking forward to…?….. Not! Thanks a lot lady!

8)”How do you do it?” 
I just close my eyes and pray for the best!

9)It’s ok, little boys love their mommas”
And….Little girls don’t?

10) “Are they Ok doing that?”
Doing what? Punching each other? Or Eating all of the food in my cart before I get to the register? 

Now let me be clear, my boys are not disrespectful, they dont disobey me (too much) in the grocery store.  They are just little boys.  Their lives revolve around what they can break, eat, and play with.  That is all that they think about.  I love them to pieces.  So if you see me at the grocery store, please know that I’ve got it under control even though it may look crazy to you! (and everyone else) 😉


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  1. Julie Seeber says:

    I love your stories…they really give me a good laugh. One thing that might cheer you up is that no one has asked you
    if you are their grandmother…I wish I could say the same.

  2. Courtney says:

    I don’t know what it is about the number 4 that makes people so bold. Haha. I didn’t have too many comments with 3 kids but ever since we had had my nephew, people are so outspoken and HAVE to make comments. Lol. This was hilarious. Thank you!

    • lol Courtney, one time I was at Tops, and I was putting my stuff on the checkout belt…Little did I know that Jacob was poking his fingers into the package of ground beef that the woman in front of my was buying. She yelled at him, and at me. That was probably my worst experience yet. The rest I can handle 😉

  3. Hahahaha! I read somewhere a great comeback to the comment about having your hands full. A woman stated that she responds with “yes but my heart is even more full!” Sounds sweet but I’m usually not of a clear mind to actually use it! Love this story!

    • That does sound sweet Aprill, but I agree with you, I am never clear minded enough to use that comeback! I am usually just trying to get through the checkout and out to the car as fast as I can. I have had people call me before and tell me that they were saying Hi to me in the store and that I ignored them. Yes, I probably did. I have succumbed to the fact that in order to survive in the store, I have to shutoff the world around me! 😉

  4. Mary Lee says:

    I loved this posting, Marissa! Keep laughing and loving them cause you are blessed!!!