Thinking of SPRING!!

I love spring. I love when the flowers start to come up. The first flower that I can see, I can be sure that my kids are going to pick it. As soon as the weather gets warm, my kids fill my house with flowers. They always use my canning jars to put their flowers in and they set them on every window sill of my house. I love it. We did a lot of canning last summer, so I am running out of jars. I saw so many great awesome pictures on pinterest for putting flowers into colored canning jars. So I decided to look for some. I found these, and guess what, they’re on sale 🙂
Ball 6pk Pint Heritage Mason Jars, Green

Ball 6pk Pint Heritage Mason Jars, Green
– Was $10.99 Now $6!!

These sell for $10.99 on Amazon and Target, this is a great deal!  Can’t wait for the flowers to fill them!!!

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