This weeks checkout 51 offers

Checkout 51
Head over to Checkout 51 and see this week’s new offers.  If you haven’t signed up yet, make sure you sign up today.  You simply take a picture of your receipt and you will receive money back into your checkout 51 account. Head over here to see the full list

$0.50 one gallon of milk

$0.50 back on bananas

$0.25 on a loaf of bread

$1.20 on Ella’s kitchen baby foods

$0.30 carmex lip balm

$1.00 off special k protein bars

$0.25 back on apples

$0.25 on Muellers pasta

$0.25 on Arizona iced tea

$2.00 on glade wax melts and warmer

$1.00 off glade refill spray

$0.50 glade jar candle

$1.00 off clean and clear product


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