This week’s Meal Plan 4/14

Here is this weeks meal plan.  Remember to make your list, check it twice, and stick to your budget.

Homemade pancakes (recipe here)
Homemade bagels  (recipe here) this makes 14 bagels, I use them for breakfast throughout the week
Toast and yogurt (bread recipe here)

Grilled cheese and tomato soup
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Turkey sandwiches
Vegetable soup
Bagel pizzas (made from leftover homemade bagels)

Baked Ziti (using my target pasta and sauce from here)
Grilled chicken Paninis (homemade tortillas, recipe here)
Sloppy Joes
Chicken and mushroom Teriaki
Homemade Pizza (dough recipe here)
Hamburgs and hotdogs (on the grill!! woohoo!!)

Molasses cookies
homemade granola bars
Yogurt (I got them at Sam’s club for a great deal, see here )

Here’s what I bought:

Sams Club
Gogurt x 2 = 8.76
Salad $2.98

Milk x 3=$6.45
Rolled Oats $2.19
Ranch dressing $1.29
Tomato soup $0.59 x 3 = $1.77
Hamburg buns $0.99
Hotdog buns $0.99
Hotdogs $1.29
Turkey $3.98
Chicken bouillon $1.89
Cereal $1.59
Flour $1.59
Sugar $2.15
Butter x 3 $1.99=$5.97 (on sale at aldis this week, that’s why I bought 3)
Honey $3.59
Teriaki sauce $1.99

Pasta $1.19
Sauce $1.80
Mushrooms $0.59
Total = $53.01

And there you have it!  That’s what the Perry’s will be eating this week.  I stayed under my $55 budget,  stay tuned for some great recipes this week! Remember to shop your cupboards first before you go shopping.  Oh, and someone told me one time not to go shopping while you’re hungry, it’s true! If you shop when you’re hungry, you’ll end up with a lot of JUNK FOOD! So, head on out and stick to that budget, you can do it!





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